What To Look For In A SAD Light Box

Lorna Kennard-Wall

Do you suffer is Season Affective Disorder (SAD)? If you have heard about the effectiveness of a SAD Light Box but are not sure which to get, this blog goes through the main points to...

How To Help SAD With A Light Box.

Lorna Kennard-Wall

Do you dread the Winters? The nights are drawing in and the shortest day is now less than a month away. Does winter for you bring to mind the feeling of wanting to curl up...

How To Avoid Vitamin D Deficiency

Rachael Kennard-Wall

Vitamin D has been in the news loads for its immune system benefits. It helps to regulate the immune system meaning it boosts it if low and calms it down if overactive – both have...

Chemical Free & Reef Safe Suncreen Products

Rachael Kennard-Wall

As already mentioned in the blog ‘Are sunscreens safe?’ there are many chemicals in numerous sunscreens products that could be harmful to you.  In addition, there is also the factor of what happens to our...

Is Sunscreen Safe?

Rachael Kennard-Wall

Have You Ever Wondered What Is In Your Sunscreen? It is important to ascertain what is in the sunscreen you currently use to know if the sunscreen you use is safe to use repetitively and...

Sun Safety – 7 Essential Factors

Rachael Kennard-Wall

There are many health benefits to being outdoors in the sunshine but it is also important to make sure that you adhere to a few sun safety guidelines. I’m sure we’ve heard the phrase ‘Only...

Ayurvedic Butternut Squash Muffins

Rachael Kennard-Wall

OMG, you are in for a treat.  These Ayurvedic butternut squash muffins are goooooorgeous. This recipe comes from the Everyday Ayurveda cookbook by Kate O’Donnell.  This book was recently gifted to me, I have tried...

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