Emotional Well-being

Mental well-being has come to the fore in recent years and it’s sad it’s taken so long. Our emotional health can shape our lives.

The modern world has in some respects taken us away for connecting with our emotions and giving ourselves the time to look after our mental health. We have become more detached and too busy to pause and notice how we feel.

This section takes emotional health and well-being in two directions.

  • Firstly understanding how our emotions influence us physically and simple things you can do to keep a check on that.
  • Also how emotions can get stored in the body and way to help release them.


We will also look at the various therapies and modalities available to help look after our emotional side and release any past traumas or significant negative events safely.

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The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution by Trudy Scott.

The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution

This is an interesting book.  It covers addictions, depression and anxiety.  So often you can think these things are generated by the mind. 

However, as Trudy explains sometimes the answer lies in the food and nutrition your brain receives in order to stay calm, relaxed and improve your mood.

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