How Can Financial Coaching Help You?

Money impacts every area of our lives. There can be a lot of emotion attached to it or can be connected to negative experiences.

It can also be confusing – knowing what to do and how.

Working with a financial coach can help you to overcome the practical and emotional aspects of money to help you to achieve your financial goals.

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A Little Bit About Beverley Shuuring-Chin

Beverley is a lovely smiling Chinese lady with long dark hair which is just below her shoulders. She's wearing a white top and has a necklace over the top. She is stood infront of a magnificent shrub, it's blurred but you can see there are a mass of white flowers.

Beverley is a Financial Coach and founder of Bee Money Happy. She combines her 15 years of experience in Financial Services with her coaching skills to help people build the life they truly want through the medium of money.

She works together with clients to transform mindset and behaviours in a safe and non-judgemental space, re-establishing a healthier connection between money and wellbeing, which in turn creates a much more holistic, meaningful and successful outcome for the client.

The article below is a summary of the interview. Please watch the full interview for all of the valuable information that Beverley shares.

How Beverley Became A Financial Coach

After a close family bereavement and the Pandemic she came to the point of ‘What do I want to do with my life?’ 

After a lot of soul searching, attending a career change course and a few evening master classes she then met Simonne Gnessen (the founder of financial Coaching in the UK) from wise Monkey Financial Coaching Beverley just fell in love with Financial coaching ( That evening Beverley stayed up late searching online and soaking up all of the information.  It was the perfect match for combining her financial knowledge and genuine love of helping people.

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To enhance her financial coaching Beverley has also embarked on her diploma in life coaching.  This has really depended her listening and coaching skills which helps to provide that safe space to talk about your finances openly.

What Is Financial Coaching?

Financial coaching has been around much longer in the USA, only more recently being available in the UK.  The main differentiator here is that Financial coaching does not cover the technical aspect of what specific investments you should or should not take out.  It is not regulated financial advice.  This is not about where your money is and how you are planning your finances.

A financial coach will help to guide and mentor you through your financial problems and is always led by you.  Sometimes it can be a mixture of coaching and information sharing about financial matters but on a high level not specific to a particular financial company or product.

Reasons for Consulting A Financial Coach

This is an aerial photo so you are looking down on a lady who has her arms bent so her elbows are on the desk. Her hands are to her head and you can see she looks confused and frustrated. She is holding a few credit cards in her right hand and spread out in front of her are a load of statements.

Money touches every area of your life.

Often it is the emotional aspect of money that can be helped by working with a financial coach as this isn’t the remit of a financial advisor.  You may be struggling with knowing where to start, there may be patterns or behaviour and negative emotions associated with money and finances.

Areas Financial Coaching Can Help

  • Gaining control of your finances e.g. if you have debt
  • Money management.
  • Money mindset.
  • Imposter syndrome – feeling like you have more money than you deserve.
  • Help with decision making/the emotional aspect of financial arrangements e.g. a Will.
  • Help understanding financial terminology.
  • If you feel intimidated about finances, contacting financial advisors and would like some coaching to understand it more.
  • Help with the emotional aspect to money, finances and what it means for you.
  • Overcome unhelpful behaviours and patterns around money.
  • Releasing unhelpful messaging and experiences from childhood.
  • Realise you have been avoiding financial issues and ready to make a positive change but not sure how or where to start.
  • Help you to prioritise what is important.

Financial coaching is about you not the problem or the financial products and services.  Once you have let go and moved beyond the negative emotions you will be in the best place to make informed decisions and make positive changes.

The money mindset and messaging you have grown up with will have a big impact on how things are for you.  Not only from your immediate family, but also the wider society and Country you were brought up in and live in now.  Even if it is causing you stress right now your sub-conscious mind holds onto what it knows, what is safe. 

Coaching can help you to overcome those limiting beliefs, resistances, move out of the perceived comfort zone (which most likely isn’t very comfortable), and help you towards your goal.

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What happens within a financial coaching session?

Each session can be completely different and is guided by you and what your priority is. Sometimes you can start with one priority and then as the session unfolds that can change.  Beverley is completely flexible and can adapt to what comes up and guide you on your way.

Because things can change and evolve in between Beverley always asks ‘What is it that you would like to work on?’ at the beginning of every session. Plus ‘What is it that you want to be feeling like at the end of our session?’

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Talking about money is a huge thing so there is a lot of trust building to begin with.  So you may be happy sharing numbers up front or just keep things conversational to begin with. 

It’s like a partnership. Her role is to help navigate you through what is currently going on and helping you to achieve your goals.  Every session is so different.  It may be that you focus on the emotional side, keep things very factual, a session may be information driven. 

You may want to analyse spreadsheets cover income/expenses, assets and liabilities, loans, investments etc or you may want to keep things top level, or maybe not talk about the physical numbers at all. Everything is guided and driven ultimately by what you want to get out of a sessions and what approach suits your personality. Beverley gently guides you to connect your dots. It can be about peeling back the layers and uncovering what is at the root of it all.

How Many Sessions Will You Need?

Everyone is different and what you want and need from sessions will differ too.  Yes you can just have a one off session but bear in mind that this could be a false economy as it doesn’t allow the time and space to really explore what is going on, what your triggers, behaviours, habits are to create permanent change.  It is important to respect the process.

Beverley offers a six session package to really dig deep.  Find out what is keeping you stuck as things are now, peel back those onion layers ad get to the heart of the matter.  Helping you to become self-aware and be able to help yourself.  This takes time.  A lot of processing and positive change can happen in between sessions.

A cartoon type image of an onion showing it's many layers and different puzzles or answers at each one to highlight that sometimes you have to work backwards to get to the root of a problem. In the centre of the pink onion is a tick and a man in a suit stood next to it. The background is pastle greys and purple clouds and leaves.

One tool Beverley has is called the money wheel which covers eight segments relating to money.  That can really help to show you where your blind spots, areas you hadn’t considered and really help as a first step on that self-awareness journey

You may want to analyse spreadsheets cover income/expenses, assets and liabilities, loans, investments etc or you may want to keep things top level, or maybe not talk about the physical numbers at all. Everything is guided and driven ultimately by what you want to get out of a sessions and what approach suits your personality. Beverley gently guides you to connect your dots. It can be about peeling back the layers and uncovering what is at the root of it all.

Coaching can be just an opportunity to stop and have the space to think and talk through an issue. Have a sounding board to help you get more clarity.

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