How To Create Positive Affirmations

During this video you will learn the do’s and don’t with regard to putting together a positive affirmation for yourself. The words to use and avoid as well as 3 techniques to enhance the speed of integrating your new positive statements.

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It is essential that your statement/affirmation is:

  • Positively stated
  • In the first person – ie “I…” or “my…”
  • In the present tense – our brains are only ever in the hear and now.
  • AVOID the words – Don’t, Should, Wish, Could, Hope


From spending the last week observing the key words and phrases you use you will have a good idea of the thoughts that you would like to change.

What and how do you want things to be?

Focus in on the positive of what you do want and avoid sentences that state what you don’t want. The more specific you can be the better.

For Example

  • I don’t want to be late all the time
  • I don’t want to be sad anymore
  • I no longer think I’m stupid

Would Become:

  • I always arrive (to work/meetings/see friends) on time
  • I am happy
  • I am confident in my knowledge and abilities

Have some fun with it and put your affirmations together as though there are no limits to what you can achieve and how you can feel. Everything is possible in time 🙂

Examples of powerful beginnings to affirmations:

I want…

I can…

I have…

I deserve…

I know…

I am… (and I am no longer..)

I release and let go of…

I love…

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