Do you want to know how to put an end to chronic musculoskeletal pain?

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We are writing a book about the fact that you don’t have to live with chronic musculoskeletal pain. Life can be better, you can overcome your aches and pains.

Harnessing our combined 42 years experience, we will cover all the different causes of musculoskeletal pain.  We’re not aware of another book that does this. The chances are if you’ve seen a professional they may have only looked at part of the picture.

The information we will publish includes:

  • Food, nutrition and your digestive system;
  • The environment, including your surroundings and what you put onto and in your body;
  • Physical aspects including those that are beyond posture or an initial injury, such as issues related to scars and fascia;
  • Your mindset;
  • Relationships;
  • The impact of stress;
  • Different therapies and treatments some of which you may not have connected with helping musculoskeletal pain.

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