After just one session with Rachael I was left free of negativity

For as long as I can remember I have had negative thoughts and feelings towards my mother. I am now in my 60’s and she is in her 90’s. I have tried to resolve this issue repeatedly as it bothers me considerably and doesn’t sit well with my otherwise peaceful and positive personality. I also didn’t want my mother to go to her grave without me getting in the right headspace.

I heard about Rachael and PSYCH-K® and thought it was worth a go although I had no idea how it worked. After just one session with Rachael I was left free of negativity.

I now only have loving, forgiving thoughts towards my mother and actually find it difficult to muster up anything negative. It is absolutely incredible, and I feel so much better now I am at peace.

On top of this it’s become apparent that because I am giving out the right vibes my mothers attitude has changed towards me too without her even knowing what’s happened. This has literally been life changing for me and I couldn’t recommend Rachael more. Thank you.

Sue H, Solihull


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