Babs Bradley, Southampton

“On my first kinesiology treatment with Rachael who used gentle skilled techniques where I was sceptical at first, but my belief grew by midway, resulting with my mind feeling detoxed (declutted) and body feeling relaxed.

Before ending the session, Rachael recommended taking certain vitamins to tailor to my cause to take for a month to build up my immune system and also suggested certain foods to help the process of recovery which my immune system was clearly suffering from, abuse from GP drugs, low self-esteem and life trauma. 

From June of this year until December 2022 I’ve received monthly/8 weekly sessions where Rachael recommended other vitamins to aide my recovery and now, I’m feeling stronger, healthier, fitter, at a weight I’m so happy with but most of all my mental state has improved immensely thanks to Rachael who listened to me with my woes and who is such a lovely gentle person and clearly very dedicated to her methods of healing. With Rachael’s therapy I am able to face anything in life with the knowledge that my whole body and mind have healed. 

I will of course check in to have a boost therapy session from time to time to keep me topped up. 

I have tried other methods over the past years but nothing seemed to work until I came across It’s all about health with Rachael. Some people can be sceptical of reviews but I assure you what I have written is true and honest.” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Babs Bradley, Southampton

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