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Bone on bone grinding of the knee – gone!

Rachael is unbelievably brilliant.

Let me explain; I am a 63 year old, overweight man running my own busy business. Whilst also having to be full time carer for my disabled wife and for the last two years I have been suffering from osteoarthritis in my right knee. My doctors have been treating me with quarterly injections of cortisone and have recommended I have a knee replacement. There is a waiting list of about 12 months, but even if I have the operation, no one has considered how I would carry on with my caring duties during the weeks of recovery.

Then I met Rachael at a virtual business networking event where she said that she can help people improve their health naturally. I asked if she could help with the pain in my knees, as I was in an awful lot of pain with bone-on-bone grinding in the knee (There is no cartilage left). She said yes, she could help, so I booked in to see her.

She explained that she would use a mix of (PSYCH-K® and Kinesiology). I hadn’t heard of either of these so admit I was somewhat sceptical, but as the pain was getting overpowering, I agreed to it.

The first session was mainly PSYCH-K® and I left with five phrases I had to repeat to myself a few times each day. I admit I was feeling even more sceptical towards the end of the week but thought ‘in for a penny in for a pound’ and returned for the first session of Kinesiology.

Wow, I have now had three sessions of Kinesiology, which I still do not understand, but it works! I no longer feel that excruciating grinding in my knees with every step. I can carry out my caring duties, I can walk the dog, go shopping, stand at the cooker cooking the meals all with virtually no pain. This, in turn, allows me to concentrate on my business better as I am not worrying about how I will cope with these tasks with painful knees. Also I haven’t needed to have any more cortisone injections or to see the doctor since I started seeing Rachael.

I strongly advise anyone who is suffering from osteoarthritis to make an appointment with Rachael as you will not be sorry.

Rachael is a lovely caring lady who is happy to explain what she is doing and why, even if how it works is still a mystery to me. As an added bonus I have lost ½ stone since seeing her.

Thank you so very much Rachael.

Jon Wilkins. Google review.

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