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Discover What You Really Want & How To Make It Reality

One-Day Retreat - 16th March 2024 - Somerset

Release The Resistance To Creating Lasting Change.

Life is frustrating you. 

You feel like you’re floundering, never quite achieving what you set out to.

Most days, you’re not even sure what it is you actually want. 

But there’s this churning in your stomach that says there must be more. 

It’s time to make that change and break through the resistance holding you back.

Join us for a date with your subconscious.

This immersive one-day retreat is your opportunity to escape the chaos of life so you can get clear on what you actually want and start to create real change. 

Discover why manifesting isn’t working for you and how you can break free from old, unhelpful patterns standing in your way.

Get crystal clear on what your dream life looks like, and then set your subconscious to work to make it a reality. 

Learn the exact methods we used to relocate from Berkshire to Somerset, where we found the perfect house with land and started our business again from scratch to create our dream life!

Lorna and Rachael Kennard-Wall smiling with keys in their hand after purchasing their dream home. they are standing in one of the outbuildings of the property.

You’ve probably done a lot of personal development in the past but still can’t quite break the mould of self-sabotaging habits and behaviours.

You probably know what you need to be doing and understand a lot of manifestation tools and methods but just never seem to get around to using them in your day.

This one-day retreat is your chance to reset. 

To press pause on life’s busyness and surround yourself with like-minded people. You’ll have space to honour yourself, dig deep into your true dreams and desires and spend quality time focusing on the future you want to create for yourself instead of picking off-the-shelf goals and dreams you think you should go for.

The beauty of doing this in a small group is the collective energy of everyone working together, as this will heighten the experience and effects of the processes we use throughout the day.

Ticket Price – £145

Book by 3rd Feb with the code – ActionTaker and get £25 off

What is PSYCH-K represented by an image of two hands cupping seethrough illustration of a brain. there is a bright light between the palms of the cupped hands and a matrix of white lines over and around the brain. this image has some transparency to the background which is of a red sunset sky with red clouds and grey/blue sky

What you'll experience on the workshop:

Learn about the different parts of the brain/mind and their roles in the life you experience.

Understand why you are experiencing blocks and resistance to change.

Explore how your core beliefs and behaviours came to be and how you can uncover what they are. Knowing where you’re starting from and what you need to change will ensure your mindset supports your ambitions.

Create powerful affirmations

Learn the 4 key rules to creating powerful affirmations and the 3 key steps to making them work.

Effective Journalling for the Subconscious Mind

Give your subconscious directions so it knows what to create. 

With your new understanding of how the subconscious works, you’ll spend some time journaling in a way that communicates directly to that part of your brain.

This way of journalling reinforces in your subconscious mind what you want to experience in your life. It provides a vision of where you are heading so that your subconscious can start to look for ways to make that come true.


Sit back and relax as we guide you through a meditation to visualise your dream life. 

This feeds the subconscious and gives it the information it needs to start looking for ways to create that vision as a reality.

It will now look for solutions and options for change rather than ways to reinforce your current experiences.


Vision Board Creation

Finally, you’ll bring everything together into a powerful Vision Board. This will become a daily reminder for you, your subconscious and your high self of what you are bringing into your reality.

Photo of a lady sitting on the end of a wooden jetty, legs hanging over the end as she relaxes back on her hands looking to the sky. The jetty goes out over a lake with forests in the background bordering it. The sun is shining down on her and the lake and causing a bright white glow in the sky. To represent the calming clarification benefits of PSYCH-K

You may already use some or all of these things, or maybe none of them. 

The power of this day is in honouring yourself, making your dreams and your future a priority and bringing everything together in one powerful package for lasting change.

Taking time away from your usual surroundings allows you to fully focus on your vision.

A whole day immersed in your vision so you can get super clear. 

Leaving with clarity and focus about your future and how you will create it using powerful manifestation tools that will last a lifetime.

Summary of what's included:

The day will run from 10am to 4.30pm at The Crown & Victoria Inn, Tintinhull, Somerset.

Before every process, we’ll talk through what you’re going to do and how to use that tool in a way that communicates with your subconscious mind.

A beautiful hot lunch is included in the ticket price. This will be prepared for us by our hosts, Pure Punjabi, an authentic North Indian meal “as nana made”. All homemade from scratch and full of flavour. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available.

Ticket Price – £145

Book by 3rd Feb with the code – ActionTaker and get £25 off

We look forward to seeing you there.

Lorna & Rachael Kennard-Wall

Workshop Date & Time

This one day immersive event is being held on Saturday 16th March 2024.

9.45am arrival.

Course runs 10am – 4.30pm

Lunch is included – A truly home cooked traditional Punjabi curry.

Vegetarian option – Chole (Punjabi Chickpea dhal)

Non-Vegetarian option – Tamarind Chicken

Both served with Jeera Rice, Kachumber (Indian side salad), and yoghurt. Followed by dessert.

Workshop Location

Photo of the front of the Crown and Victoria Inn South Somerset. It's a beautiful old Ham Hill Stone pub with a dark blue door and shrubbery beside the stone path in.
The Crown & Victoria Inn 14 Farm St, Tintinhull, Yeovil BA22 8PZ

Accommodation is available at the venue.

Please ask us for details when you book your retreat space to receive the preferencial rates and access to one-night stay.

Book Your Place

Spaces are limited so if you want next year to be the year change really does happen, be sure to claim your ticket soon.

Ticket Price – £145

Book by 3rd Feb with the code – ActionTaker and get £25 off

Room options at The Crown & Victoria include:

1 x Kingsize with garden view – £145 per night

1 x Double with garden view – £125 per night

2 x Double with street view – £115 per night

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