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We both started in practise in 2001 having trained as hands on therapists and quickly realised that most physical issues didn’t have a solely physical root cause.  By observing our patients, listening to the things that were triggering their pain, we expanded our own knowledge.

Over the years we have learned other treatment methods and continued learning about so many areas that can underpin health, we wanted to share this knowledge.  We each have different areas of interest, so you get to benefit from our expanded knowledge base and skillset. 

It’s All About Health was born as a website by learning from our patients and the different aspects that impacted their health and well-being.  So often only on one element is discussed or touted as ‘the answer’ – nutrition, the next ‘superfood’, finances, relationships, exercise, mindset for example. This could mean that you end up trawling around for hours and hours, using trial and error to never really find your answer. Yet ALL of these things, every part of your life, ultimately impacts your health in a positive or negative way.  We know that no one symptom can be looked at in isolation. 

We aim to be a trusted resource, to help you uncover the health enhancing answers you need to improve your life.  All of the information on this website is there not only from theoretical knowledge but also because we have found that clients have directly benefitted. 

We are still in clinical practise and remain as inquisitive as ever. Please click on our bio’s to find out more about us as individuals.

Headshot of Lorna Kennard CranioSacral therapist, Scarwork Practitioner Visceral Manipulation practitioner and PSYCH-K Facilitator. She is at and angle to the camera wearing a cream v-necked top with a necklace and smiling. She is standing in front of a red a cream old brick wall.

Lorna Kennard-Wall

Upledger CranioSacral Therapy, Sharon Wheeler's ScarWork, Barral Institute Visceral Manipulation & PSYCH-K® Facilitator.

Photo of Rachael Wall, McTimoney Chiropractor, Systematic Kinesiologist and PSYCH-K Facilitator. She is smiling at the camera wearing a blue collared top and glasses. In the background is a boarder of mixed flowers against an old wall with the tree tops in the distance.

Rachael Kennard-Wall

PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Systematic Kinesiology, McTimoney technique & Barral Institute Visceral Manipulation.

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