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What we do

We help you put your health in your hands and take back control.

Our aim is to help you navigate a new, natural health journey and enable you to set a path to better health.

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Why you can trust us

Based on our combined 42 years of experience as healthcare practitioners, we believe that your body always has the capacity to improve. It just needs the right environment.  Whether that is the environment of your mind, body, or your surroundings.

Through our years of experience as patients and practitioners, we know that change is possible.  We have a constant thirst for knowledge and deepening our understanding of our incredible bodies.  We’ve spent 1000’s of hours attending courses, reading, watching, and listening to experts, following our own personal growth journeys and aim to share what we’ve learnt with you.  However we can’t know everything, so we’re collating information from other experts.

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What's next?

We understand that a true path to health is through an approach that appreciates and acknowledges you as a whole being –   body, mind and soul.

The first step is awareness. Once you know things can be different, with the right knowledge and information you can reclaim control of your future health and improve your physical and emotional health naturally.

Why not start your journey today by downloading our free eBook.  It’s packed full of easy to implement actions you can take, to improve your health in all areas of your life.

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Why not start your journey today by downloading our free eBook?  It’s packed full of easy-to-implement actions you can take, to improve your health in all areas of your life.

Treatments we offer

An image of water moving but the light on it shows the waves of motion in greens, oranges and purples a bit like oil. To represent fluid flow and general fluidity of movement needed within the body

Barral Institute Visceral Manipulation

This therapy is focused on releasing the tension and restrictions on the internal structures within your body that could be causing your symptoms.

McTimoney Technique

A gentle technique that uses fast and precise adjustments to help alleviate pain and tension. McTimoney technique is only available as part of an integrated approach for people who suffer from chronic and recurrent pain.


A process that allows you to quickly uncover and release the subconscious thoughts and beliefs that could be preventing you from achieving your health and life goals.

A photo of a ladies abdomen with an appendix scar and hysterectomy scar. She has a white towel around her waist. You can see how both scars are pulled in and creating tension around them


ScarWork is a pain-free method for treating scars of any age. It can help reduce symptoms from any painful scar that feels tight or is causing restricted movement or referred pain.

An illustration of 4 brains that are suspended to look like lightbulbs to depict that our bodies hold the wisdom for what is needed in a systematic kinesiology treatment. The background is mainly a dark blue on the right and bright orange/yellow on the left like bright light. There are also lines of 1s and 0s to depict information.

Systematic Kinesiology

Our bodies always know the best order for sustained improvement.  Sometimes the answer doesn’t lie with where your symptoms are.  In essence, this is a method to allow you to have a conversation with your body and find out the best course of action for better health.

A blended approach to healthcare is represented by a photo of an open hand, palm open and facing up. above the hand, one on top of the other it says and grey Spirit, Body, Mind. The background is blurred but light and bright like glistening light.

The Blended Approach

These sessions are with Lorna Kennard-Wall. By listening to you and your body, we can determine which blend of treatments your body needs. Click through to find out how I work and why you may not have found the solution that brings you lasting change.

An image of someone holding a small piece of paper with the words 'I can't do it' written in black. On the right you can see a pair of scissors which is cutting through the ' and t to change the words to I can do it.

Treatment For Chronic Pain

These sessions are with Rachael Kennard-Wall. After going through your full medical history we will use the best blend of treatments for your needs. Click through to discover why you may not have found the answers for lasting improvements yet.

Image to represent how you feel after an Upledger CranioSacral threrapy session of a calm ocean with gentle ripples on the surface and the orange of dusk reflected on it. The sky on the horizon is a pastel orange glow of dusk or dawn

Upledger CranioSacral Therapy

The CranioSacral system is the home of your central nervous system. This is a light touch, hands-on therapy that aims to release any tension in the body that is impacting the Cranio-Sacral System and thus support its natural healing capacity.

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