The Blended Approach

Are you looking for a different approach to your health and well-being? One that considers you as a whole person, body, mind and soul?

Maybe you’ve tried lots of different therapies and had benefits from them, but nothing that’s lasted.

Why Is A Blended Approach So Powerful?

There are a couple of ways of looking at this.

Firstly, let’s say you have multiple things going on, for example, shoulder pain, digestive issues and a general feeling of being over-burdened and overwhelmed. Often these three things are looked at in isolation and treated as three separate issues.

With the Blended Approach, we look at you as a whole and don’t rule out the possibility all three may be connected and causing/impacting each other. By listening to the body (it is dealing with all three 24/7 after all) we can find out if they are and in which order to approach them to aid the body back to its self-healing state.

In another situation, you may have an issue that you can’t get to the bottom of. You’ve tried different therapies, but nothing seems to last. Often the symptoms we seek help for are the end of a chain of physical and/or emotional stresses that your body can no longer cope with.

For example, back pain may not be purely physical. There may be an emotional component to it. Once that emotional part is resolved and cleared the body will be able to heal physically. Or it may be linked to adhesions around the internal organs or an old surgery scar. With the Blended Approach, we can discover the underlying cause of an issue that doesn’t seem to resolve.

I believe the true path to health comes from seeing ourselves as body, mind and soul. We can’t afford to separate ourselves like that if we want to reach our true potential.

What Is The Blended Approach?

Over the years I’ve trained in different therapies and techniques. This has all been guided by my observations and experiences both personally and with clients. It’s taken me on a journey from purely looking at an issue from a physical perspective to observing and learning about the impact of our mindset, emotions and significant events in our lives on the body.

I’ve come to not just appreciate, but fully understand that we are complex beings, a blend of physical, emotional and spiritual. We don’t live and function as isolated parts, so we can’t expect to heal fully from that perspective either.

The blended approach is my way of acknowledging this. Using a blend of the treatments and techniques I’ve trained in, to work with you, body, mind and soul.

My main therapies are Upledger CranioSacral TherapyBarral Visceral ManipulationScarWork and PSYCH-K®. I also use Bach flower remedies if it’s appropriate.

Each can be used, and very effectively, on its own, but time and time again I’ve found the best results come from allowing your body to show me what it needs that day, which may be a blend of some or all of these modalities.

Headshot of Lorna Kennard CranioSacral therapist, Scarwork Practitioner Visceral Manipulation practitioner and PSYCH-K Facilitator. She is at and angle to the camera wearing a cream v-necked top with a necklace and smiling. She is standing in front of a red a cream old brick wall.

A More Subtle Aspect Of The Approach

I use the term ‘Blended’ because a session is more than just integrating different therapies and techniques. It is also the subtle blending and transfer of information that happens during the treatment.

My hands blend with the tissues of your body as it guides me to where I need to be and how I can best support it. You gain a greater sense of your own ‘inner self’ and can find that you can reconnect with parts of your body you couldn’t before. And your innate inner wisdom blends with the process, maybe bringing awareness of memories or emotions that need to be released to allow the body to heal.

What Happens In A Blended Approach Session?

At your first appointment, before anything else, I will do an assessment whereby your body can show me where it needs help the most. I do this first so that I don’t have any preconceived ideas about what may show up and have a clear mind to get an accurate answer from your body’s innate intelligence (its inner wisdom).

After that, I’ll take a full and comprehensive medical history. As part of this we’ll talk about your current issues and symptoms, what you may have tried in the past and anything else you feel is important for me to know.
I may ask seemingly irrelevant questions, but that’s only because I’m wanting to build a full picture considering any aspect of life that may be impacting your current situation.

From everything we’ve discussed and what your body has shown me from my initial assessment, I’ll talk you through what approach and which therapy or therapies are most appropriate to begin with. If you have any questions at any stage, you are always free to ask.

At the end of every session, I’ll check in with you and your body, how things are feeling. We will discuss any aftercare you need to do, determine the next step and when we need to see each other again.

Sometimes big shifts can happen between sessions, so I never take things for granted. At the beginning of each appointment, I start with my assessment to hear from your body where it’s at and where we go next. We will also discuss how things have been since the last session and decide on the approach we need to take that day.

The blended approach is a collaboration between the three of us, me, you and your body’s inner wisdom.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This is an impossible question to answer. We are all unique so the path to health will be unique for each of us too. Some people notice a change in symptoms after the first session, for others, it can take a little longer.

It’s not always the case that the longer something has been with you the longer it will take to resolve. It all depends on whether multiple factors are feeding into one issue, what you do in-between sessions and how much of the aftercare advice you incorporate. Also if there is an emotional component? Clearing that can have a profound impact on the speed of your physical recovery.

So whilst there is no set formula or prescription, I promise that everything we do will always be with your best and highest interests at heart. This isn’t about a quick fix, nor is it about dragging things out unnecessarily. It’s about listening to what your body needs, and the pace that’s most appropriate for you so that we don’t miss anything that will delay the process.

A ball of off-white string on a light grey background. The end of the string is coming out of the top of the ball and laying curled on the floor. This represents that it's impossible to determine how many sessions you will need.

Ensuring You Get What You Need

I know I am not the right solution for everyone. If at any stage I feel you need a different therapy, we will discuss that together and I will guide you in the right direction.

Rachael and I also work closely together and know each other’s skills and strengths. If I feel a session or two with her is needed, we will discuss this too. This may mean she needs to see you as a new client and go through an initial consultation with you, but you will only be charged for a follow-up rate.

The Blended Approach Pricing

Initial Consultation: (90 minutes) – £105

Follow-Up Sessions: (60 minutes) – £75

With Lorna Kennard-Wall

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