Rachael Kennard-Wall - Dip. T.A.S.K

PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Systematic Kinesiology, McTimoney technique & Barral Institute Visceral Manipulation.

As with many therapists my journey began training in one area only to have expanded over the years, both through personal experience of other treatments and through observations and a want to serve my clients in the best way that I could.

My initial training was at the McTimoney College of Chiropractic (for the purposes of clarity I am no longer registered as a Chiropractor) graduating in 2001. During my training and everyday in clinic I observed a few things:

Photo of Rachael Wall, McTimoney Chiropractor, Systematic Kinesiologist and PSYCH-K Facilitator. She is smiling at the camera wearing a blue collared top and glasses. In the background is a boarder of mixed flowers against an old wall with the tree tops in the distance.
  • Chronic and recurrent pain was rarely only down to structural mis-alignments.
  • There were many times where two conditions seemed to co-exist e.g. lower back pain and IBS.  Surely this was more than just a coincidence?
  • The words that we say/how we talk about our issues has an impact on how we recover from them.

Having a curious mind I went in search of finding other ways that I could help people in a fuller way.  I truly believe that many seemingly recurrent problems could be helped so that you no longer have a reliance on treatment or experience the smallest thing setting everything off again.

There are many courses that I have completed over the years.  The ones that I have found to consistently helped to enhance my practise and the outcomes of the people I have treated are PSYCH-K®, Systematic Kinesiology and Barral Institute visceral release work.  All of them in their own way ‘listen’ to the mind/body and highlight what it’s priority needs are. Of course I also know that I can’t be the holder of ALL of the knowledge and techniques that can help everybody. 

I’m lucky enough to be married to Lorna who also has her unique set of skills that complement the work that I do.  There are times when I ‘put my hands on’ and I can feel that craniosacral therapy is going to be far more helpful.  Or maybe you have a scar from an injury or surgery and your symptoms may be helped from a combination of our efforts. 

Over the years I have build up a bank of knowledge of other therapies and if I feel they could be a benefit for you I will discuss that within a treatment.

My passion is that you reach your true health potential and see the best people/therapies to help you to get there.  There is more potential than you may realise right now and your mind/body holds all the answers.  Through the work that we do together I will act as your interpreter and help you to understand the messages your body is projecting so that you can do whatever it takes to create the change.

We moved to beautiful Somerset from our clinic in Bourne End in 2021.  It was 12 years in the planning and PSYCH-K® certainly played its part in helping us to create the belief that we could re-locate to a new area and start again when we already had an established clinical practise.  We feel truly blessed everyday that we are here and have realised our dream and look forward to helping to support you in bringing your dreams to reality too.

When I’m not treating in clinic, I love being outdoors. My main passion is all of the fruit and vegetables we’re growing here.  It’s a huge project, I’m loving the evolution and learning to be at peace with bindweed…..The aim is to have so much wonderful organic produce that there will be some available for you to take away after your appointment.

An image of some raised beds with peas in one and onions in the one afterwards. Beyond them is a small cherry tree. It is a gorgeous sunny, not a cloud in the sky day and you can see the green fields beyond.

“Your body hears everything your mind says.“

Naomi Judd

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