McTimoney Technique

McTimoney is a gentle technique that uses fast and precise adjustments to help alleviate pain and tension. Your whole musculoskeletal system is checked and treated at each treatment.

When using the McTimoney technique we always check your whole body.  The reason for this is that pain in one area could be caused by a misalignment elsewhere. This will be because of compensations that have built up over time until your body can no longer adapt. This is when pain results.

I use the McTimoney technique as part of an integrated approach for people who suffer from chronic and recurrent pain.  I no longer practise this technique in isolation as I have found results to be faster and longer lasting by encompassing other techniques and advice that help your inflammation to reduce more quickly and the benefits of the adjustments to hold for longer.

Please read the information on the ‘Treatment for chronic pain’ page to find out other causes of chronic pain, and the options that can help to address them.

What Happens During A Treatment?

During your first appointment, I take a full and thorough medical history.  This enables me to identify the areas that most likely need to be addressed first.  Sometimes the first step is to create an environment for healing and recovery to take place.  Create the building blocks for your improvement before hands-on treatment becomes the best option.

If the McTimoney is deemed to be the best first approach I will carry out a thorough assessment and check the alignment of your spine, and other joints in your body. A whole body check over.  Any adjustments will be explained to you and carried out at the first treatment.  Any aftercare will then be discussed and a timeline suggested for follow up treatment so that the benefits of the treatment can be maintained and enhanced.

You may have come across the McTimoney method in another context.  It is important to understand that whilst I am fully trained in the McTimoney technique I am not a Chiropractor.  This is a protected title.  I voluntarily de-registered from the GCC in December 2022. 

How Long Are Treatments?

Because I use an integrated approach after your first appointment the length of treatments can change depending on what your needs are.

Your first session will always be two hours long.  This gives time for a thorough case history, an explanation of what will happen during your session and the treatment itself.  This could include the McTimoney technique, Systematic Kinesiology, PSYCH-K®, and Barral visceral work as outlined in the treatment for chronic pain page.

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Follow Up Treatments​

Follow-up treatments depend on what you have received as a treatment and what your needs are so unique to your situation.  As a guideline, if the main emphasis of a session is  the McTimoney technique and we feel a follow-up for that is the best next step your treatment may be 1 or 2 weeks later.  With other methods follow-up intervals are often 2-4 weeks and sometimes longer.

Treatment Pricing

Initial Consultation: (120 minutes) – £140

Follow-Up Sessions depending on which blend of treatments you need within the session.  We’ll discuss this at the time of booking.

(90 minutes) – £105

(60 minutes) – £75

(45 minutes) – £57

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