Treatment For Chronic Pain

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Most likely you’re here because you are suffering from chronic pain and whilst you haven’t found a long-lasting solution yet, you do believe that one exists.

You’re in the right place.

Having treated 1000’s of patients since 2001 and observing multiple root causes to their chronic pain I have subsequently trained in numerous modalities that have all consistently proven to be the missing link in helping people.  These include PSYCH-K®, Systematic Kinesiology, and Barral Institute Visceral Manipulation

Solutions do exist and improvements can be possible for you too.

Why Haven’t Other Treatments For Chronic Pain Worked?

I’m sure you will have seen other therapists’ possibly loads over the years.  So, you may be wondering ‘Well, nothing has worked yet, why/how will your approach?’

I’ve put together a few different examples with the intention that there will be at least one that will relate to you or provide a different perspective and the hope and belief that change for the better is possible.

Do You Feel An Emotional Reaction To An Event?

A man with dark hair and a dark beard has his eyes screwed up and his mouth is open as though he is saying arrrrggggh! Around him written in black are different negative emotions including hate, anger, jealousy, fear, doubt. All depicting active emotions in the mind that could be causing chronic pain.

If your pain started after a particular accident/injury/operation, when you think about the initial event does it bring up a negative emotional feeling for example fear, anxiety, or anger, do you still experience the feeling of shock?  The mere fact that you feel an emotion when you think about the event is indicating that the physical and emotional are intertwined. 

As an example.  You may have had a car accident and suffered whiplash.  At the time of the accident, perhaps you were in shock as you couldn’t see the other driver coming.  Maybe angry with them because they weren’t paying attention.  If you think about the event and emotions still come to the surface, those memories and linked emotions are stuck and being held within your body. 

There are several options as to how these negative emotions can be released in a gentle way and often within minutes.  When you release the negative emotion the internal replaying of the stress associated with it is detached.  You will see those events in a different way and your body can begin to recover on a physical level and other methods are finally effective.

There are several options that could be considered and discussed within a session which include PSYCH-K®, Systematic Kinesiology and Bach flower essences. These can all be carried out on zoom or in person at our clinic near Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset.

Has An Accident or Operation Created Chronic Tension and Pain?

This is a different perspective on the point raised above. 

As an example. You have a shoulder issue where you don’t have a full range of movement.  Lifting your arm is painful.  This may be because of the aftereffects of a car accident.  Here’s how:

One ligament for your liver (left triangular ligament) is in the area where your seatbelt crosses over your body.  In a car accident, this jarring may create tension in this ligament preserving the position and function of your liver.  After all, it is a vital organ.  This however may cause restriction in your arm and shoulder because your liver sits below your diaphragm.

Your body protects you and your liver by causing pain to stop you from causing harm.  If you could fully raise your arm and move your shoulder it would create too much tension on your diaphragm and your liver.  From your body’s point of view, it is better for you to survive even if that means that have pain and restriction of movement.

An image of a person stood wearing boxer shorts. You can just see their torso. Overlaid is an image in white/grey with the lungs, small and large intestines. Coloured in red is the liver to demonstrate how all of our organs are connected.

Barral Institute Visceral release work is gentle and can address issues such as this.  Every organ in your body is held in place by ligaments to your bones.

The other consideration are the scars that result. This can be addressed through ScarWork where you can release the tension from scarring that is visible and also runs deeper into your body. Lorna and myself work closely together if you need a dual practitioner approach to achieve the best results.

Are You Eating Foods That Are Exacerbating Your Chronic Pain?

An older couple are sat in the background of the photo they are bot wearing white and eating. In the foreground are glasses of water a bowl of peppers and two other separate glass square bowls one has tomatoes in and the other green olives. They are clearly loving the meal and each others company.

You may be eating foods that are causing a reaction, inflammation, and physical pain in your body.

For me the food that was causing my constant lower back, gluteal and ITB (top of your thighs on the outside of your leg) pain in my 20s was wheat.  Only when I cut the wheat out did my constant pain fully resolve, plus my IBS for that matter too.  It was a revelation for me (at around 22) that it is possible to be awake for a whole day without feeling the constant need to lie-down.  I had no idea that was possible until I cut out the food completely!

I’ve also covered this in a blog ‘Is IBS the cause of your lower back pain?’


Using Systematic Kinesiology muscle testing we can identify problem foods so that you can exclude them and put an end to that cycle of inflammation whilst strengthing your system so that it can recover and become more resilient.

Does Your Body Need The Building Blocks For Recovery?

Pain and weakness can be a result of not having the building blocks for healthy functioning or repair of your muscles and joints.  For example, supplements such as magnesium could be just what you need to reduce inflammation, relax your muscles and provide them with the energy they need to function.  Or you may need a digestive enzyme to help you to digest your food fully and obtain the nutrients from what you eat.

When your body has the ‘food’ that it needs it can get on with what it wants to do – heal and repair.  Sometimes this can mean that your pain resolves or that hands on treatments are more effective because your body is able to hold and maintain the changes.

Using Systematic Kinesiology muscle testing we can identify the priority supplements to specifically help you. We can work together either on zoom or in person at our clinic near Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset.

Is There A Stress or Worry That Is Adding To Your Pain?

A series of wooden boxes 5 draws across and three rows on top of each other. On each draw is a positive emotion the top row readds inspiration, joy, hope, pride and love. The middle row gratitude, interest, awe, amusement, kindness. The bottom draw serenity, sympathy, relief, respect and then confidence.

Your physical pain may have a relation to events in your life for example lower back pain can be related to feelings of insecurity such as financial worries, the threat of redundancy, issues within a relationship etc.  These can be past, present or future worries.  Calming the sub-conscious mind, allowing you to see solutions or helping you to feel safe and secure in the here and now, can all help to resolve your physical pain.  You can detach the link between the emotion and the physical pain.

In relation to recurrent pain, it can be that certain situations resolve only to return.  When you reflect, is this always in relation to a specific emotion rather than the situation?  For example, does the pain come back when you feel frustrated or angry by someone or a circumstance? Do certain stresses trigger your pain? It can be that your pain always co-exists with periods of uncertainty, fear, worry, anxiety, frustration and stress.

I cover an example of this in more detail within a blog about recurring musculoskeletal pain.

For this, there are Systematic Kinesiology and PSYCH-K® methods that would both be beneficial. These can all be carried out on zoom or in person at our clinic near Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset.

Does Your Body Have a Message For You?

Your condition may be trying to let you know something.  Many sayings are really relevant such as; …is a pain in the neck, I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders, I just can’t stomach…..  Listen to the words you use to describe your issue, most likely you are using the words that are the key to unlocking and releasing the problem.  We can uncover those pearls of wisdom and create a positive change or letting go of the emotional/stress connection which will allow your pain to subside. 

For this Bach flower essences, Systematic Kinesiology and PSYCH-K® methods could all be beneficial. These can all be carried out on zoom or in person at our clinic near Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset.

Your Medical History and Symptoms Will Guide Us To Your Starting Point

Any chronic condition has many factors to it.  You may be able to identify with one or many of the examples described above.  Covering your full medical history and assessing will help to identify the best thing to do and the right time when you/your body/mind are ready for it.  This is about working at the right pace that is best for you when you and your mind/body are ready.

Helping You To Find The Answers

It may be that one of these examples jumps out at you as being the most relevant.  Over the years many or all of them may be relevant.  There is every chance this is the case.  Life happens and can leave its mark.  However, this doesn’t mean that the after-effects have to be lived with for the rest of your life.

What happens During A Treatment?

During your first appointment, we will go through your full medical history.  This part of the process is thorough.  We will cover everything to gain the full picture of your history to date, in addition to how things are for you right now.

By listening to you and asking pertinent questions we will have a great idea of what the best starting point will be for you.

At each treatment, we will review how things have been for you, and any changes in your health picture.  We will then re-assess which would be the best approach would be for that session.  You are unique, the reasons why your chronic pain is persisting are unique to you and so each treatment will be unique and relevant to what your body needs to help to create the change.

At every session, we will discuss the approach, and what that involves, and you will be an active part of the decisions that are made.  We will work together every step of the way.

My Approach

My initial training was at the McTimoney Chiropractic College as it was known then. However, even during my training and whilst in clinical practice I discovered that chronic pain rarely ever had a purely mechanical root cause.  It wasn’t all just due to misalignment of the joints.  There were always other factors that needed to be addressed for someone to recover more quickly, more completely and reduce any unnecessary reliance on treatments to ‘keep on top of everything’.  I cover this in a bit more detail on my ‘about us’ page.

Because of this I have gone on to train in Barral Institute Visceral Manipulation (it’s much more gentle than it sounds) PSYCH-K® and Systematic Kinesiology.  The beauty of all of these methods is that they ask your body what it needs rather than be deciding what is best.  This way you recover far more quickly.

For this reason, when we work together working we will use muscle testing at the beginning of each session to find out which approach is the highest priority for your body.  It knows what you need and in which order.  The combination of your bodies inner wisdom and my 22 years of expertise will help you to find the solution you need for better health.

It is important to understand that whilst I still practise the McTimoney technique, I am no longer registered as a Chiropractor. I voluntarily de-registered from the General Chiropractic Council in December 2022.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This is a question that is impossible to answer we are all unique, the journey that has got us to where we are is unique to us and importantly how well you follow through with aftercare advice makes all the difference too.

One person can find benefits from the initial treatment and for another, it can take time.  You can’t assume that how long you have had a problem will dictate how long it takes either.

Linking back to the examples described earlier a situation where everything stems back to an emotion held in the body after a single traumatic event will take much less time than one that involves an accident, operation, dietary changes and the need for supplementation to boost your body’s resources.

An open book with black handwriting in loads of different shapes, sizes and fonts in the centre are the words well-being and words such as happiness, purpose, networking, Quality, powerful, fun.

All I can promise is that within my role I will do my best at each treatment to deliver the most appropriate treatment for you at the right time. In addition that you promise to carry through on any actions that are identified to help you to get there in the shortest timeline, then you will get there. 

It isn’t about having the fewest treatments but making sure that we are thorough, your true root cause is identified and addressed, and you have the newfound knowledge to help your health to improve beyond the sessions.

After having read all of this you’re thinking ‘yes please’ then get in touch to book your first session and I look forward to working with you and seeing you flourish.

Treatment For Chronic Pain Pricing

Initial Consultation: (120 minutes) – £140

Follow-Up Sessions depending on which blend of treatments you need within the session.  We’ll discuss this at the time of booking.

(90 minutes) – £105

(60 minutes) – £75

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