Guide To Your Digestive System

This video describes the main parts of your digestive system plus how emotions and physical symptoms may be interlinked.

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When everything works well you absorb nutrients for health and expel toxins to prevent dis-ease in your body

Your stomach, small and large intestine have different functions, each area plays its part in maintaining health.  Everything our body absorbs from our digestive system has the capacity to heal or create inflammation, pain and/or illness. 

We often think of our digestive system as being inside our body.  It is in fact on the outside.  It is a continuous tube from its entrance to its exit.  The cells that form this tube from the oesophagus to the anus are the gateway and/or barrier from the outside to inside of our body.

You are aiming to keep everything that is bad for your health out and only let in the nutrients.

Everything that you eat and drink, stresses and medications etc that contribute to your digestive environment.  That’s a lot to digest 🙂 (pardon the pun)  This video gives you a comprehensive broad outline and we will focus on specifics in other videos too.

If you experience bloating where it is points to is where you need to concentrate.  As an example your small intestine needs attention if bloating is above your belly button.  Bloating below the belly button illustrates that your large intestine is not functioning at its best.

Finally there are many musculoskeletal (muscle/joint) aches and pains that could in fact be due to digestive dysfunction.  All of these things are covered in this video.



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