Self-Help Techniques To Improve How You Feel

This video some options available that you can work with yourself to help with your mood and mindset and mental well-being.

Play Video about Screen shot of rachael wall talking about Bach Flower remedies. She is wearing a blue shirt and a necklace. She is holding a tincture bottle out in front of her and looking at it whilst talking. Behind her you can see the top of a peace lily and books stacked on the wall.

As promised during the video here are the links relating to Bach flower essences

The companies that supply these remedies are:

Bach Centre
Healing Herbs

If you will be diluting your remedies then a 10ml bottle will be plenty.
Alcohol free Bach flower essences from Nelson.
Alcohol free Bach flower essences from Healing Herbs.

If you have several remedies and want to combine them into one bottle here is the link for what you need :
Amber Pipette bottles

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