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How being Eco-Conscious can Improve your Fertility (Yes, really!)

If you are on your fertility journey you have probably tried several diet and lifestyle changes to achieve your dream. From a quick Google, you’ve probably found that by eating a healthy diet and exercising, you can try to naturally boost your fertility. But did you know that making eco-conscious changes to the products you use can also help improve your fertility?

Sounds unlikely right? Well, actually, it’s true and here are a few examples of eco-conscious changes you could make that might boost your fertility when trying to conceive and help you be a little greener in the process.

Reduce Plastic Use

Here in the UK, plastic waste is a huge problem, it is filling up our landfills, and it’s also pretty awful for your fertility too. Why?  Most plastics contain BPA and/or phthalates. These endocrine disruptors are linked to fertility problems in men and women, miscarriage, and pregnancy complications.


Here are some ways you can reduce your plastic use, improve your fertility and be a little eco-friendlier:

  • Replace your plastic bottle with a stainless steel or glass alternative.


  • Don’t buy plastic storage containers for your home; instead, opt for stainless steel or glass. I love a mason jar for storing kitchen essentials.


  • Don’t drink out of anything plastic. 

Stop using single-use period products

Are you still using tampons or single-use sanitary towels? In the UK alone, we throw away a whopping 200,000 tons of sanitary waste annually. This waste ends up in our landfills, takes decades to decompose, plus the flushed ones end up in our sewers and on beaches, which is pretty gross and poses a threat to wildlife.

When it comes to your fertility, many period products have been found to contain potentially toxic chemicals. These could include pesticides on the cotton, phthalates, and BPA from the fancy plastic coatings. These products are going into/on a sensitive part of your body and are for most women an essential item. Luckily, there are lots of reusable options like period pants and menstrual cups that are easy to use and completely chemical and plastic-free!

Reduce Phthalates and Parabens

Phthalates are not only found in plastics! They are in our cleaning products and personal care items, all those items that are labelled with the words fragrance or parfum. Parabens can also be found in many beauty products, their effects on fertility are similar to Phthalates in that they are Endocrine disruptors. These can decrease fertility and increase the risk of conditions such as endometriosis. In men, they are also believed to be responsible for low sperm count.

Apart from being bad for fertility, these toxins also harm our environment and have been known to cause reproductive issues in species worldwide!

To reduce the phthalates and parabens in your life, eliminate all your toxic cleaning products and replace them with eco-friendly – toxin-free alternatives.  Or try making your own, here are some easy-peasy recipes to get you started.

Buy from sustainable companies.

When possible, support companies that strive to be environmentally friendly by minimising their carbon footprint and have purposefully developed sustainable, non-toxic products that are good for the environment.

Use non-toxic beauty products

Think about it. Your skin is your largest organ, and what you use can enter your bloodstream and affect your fertility. Check out this list here for things to avoid and some recommendations for all-natural and eco-friendly skincare products.

Increasing your fertility can be good for both you and the planet, hopefully now you are inspired to make some small changes to help get you closer to becoming a parent.

When the time comes…

Choose eco-friendly pregnancy tests

Like the Hoopsy eco-pregnancy test, our products are made from 99% paper, are over 99% accurate, and 99% plastic free (and we are working on making them 100% plastic free in the future!)

Hoopsy’s Eco Pregnancy Tests are a sustainable alternative to millions of plastic tests that end up in landfill every year. Our eco-friendly pregnancy tests are 99% plastic free, made from 99% responsibly sourced paper and over 99% accurate. Our pregnancy tests are available to buy online at and in-store now. So let’s make our planet a better place, one pregnancy test at a time!

Post written by Lara Solomon from Hoopsy Eco Pregnancy Tests

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