Is This The Solution To Your Chronic Recurrent Musculoskeletal Pain?

Have you tried every hands-on therapy out there and still looking for a lasting solution?

An image of a physiotherapist or chiropractor treating a lady who is lying on her front in a blog explaining other ways of being able to help chronic musculoskeletal pain. The lady in lying on a treatment couch with blue towels on it and has a blue towel covering her up to her waist. The therapists hands are over her upper back in a position lke he is about to do an adjustment.

If you have never had the long-term relief from musculoskeletal (MSK) pain then you could just be in the right place.

It may be that your physical pain doesn’t have a physical origin or cause at all. Allow me to explain…

When I First Noticed Physical Pain Had Other Causes?

I trained as a McTimoney Chiropractor in my early 20s and lived in a shared house at that time. (I de-registered as a Chiropractor in 2022) One of my housemates had chronic neck pain, which in my capacity as a student and under supervision, I was treating her for. These treatments didn’t help at all, plus on occasion, her pain got worse for a day or two.

As an aside this person hated their job and their boss and would often come home berating it all. Then one day they came home and announced that they’d had enough and handed their notice in. The next morning, they woke up and their neck pain had gone. Vanished. Never to occur again for the duration of the time we lived together!

This got me thinking ‘Hang on a minute, their job and boss were quite literally a pain in the neck…’

A lady is sitting in front of her laptop in a business suit looking down to the right with her left hand on the back of her neck. She is looking in discomfort, demonstrating she has neck pain. They are clearly someone looking for help for chronic musculoskeletal pain. Behind her there is a clock on the wall showing five past eleven, and the edge of a book shelves with files on it.

I continued with my training but I could never get away from the countless times when:

  • Lower back pain would happen around the time of a house move, financial worries, and the threat of redundancy.
  • Upper back pain with people carrying around the weight of the world and their worries on their shoulders.
  • Neck pain when there was mental conflict and as I mentioned already the person who is a ‘pain in the neck’
  • Headaches owing to an overflow of pressure.
  • Pain doesn’t resolve even though enough time has elapsed for the body to have healed.

I could continue…

In these situations, it didn’t matter how many sessions someone would have. Without removing the source of the problem, it wouldn’t improve as long as the root cause was still present. Could this be relevant to your situation?

So How Else Can You Relieve Musculoskeletal Pain?

A row of parsley all growing closely together you can see someones hand weeding out some grass growing amongst the parsley and the toe of a their green wellington boot. This is representing weeding out the unwanted thoughts in your brain.

Broadly speaking there are two solutions:

  1. Permanently removing the root cause. In the case of my old housemate removing herself from her work environment and moving on to greener pastures.
  2. Dissolving the stress or changing your beliefs about the situation and letting go where relevant. Then helping to underpin this with the beliefs, thoughts and emotions to support a better future. This can be achieved through PSYCH-K®.

Just to touch on point 2 above. There are two important parts to the word stress within this context.

What Is The Impact Of Stress?

Firstly, with stress, it isn’t always the stress itself but our perception of and how we respond to it. There is a process within PSYCH-K® where we can dissolve the perception of what that stress is. It takes 2-5 minutes.

Once the negative emotions of it are resolved and we can see the full picture for what it is (when you are stressed your brain doesn’t work in its fullest whole brain state) when we do this, the charge of it is removed and it won’t affect you as it did before. You will be able to see everything in a whole new way, or not even be able to connect with the memory of it anymore.

A field of tulips with loads of reds, yellows, white and purple with some glasses overlaid. Where the lens of the glasses are the tulips beyond are grey to depict the perception of amore bleak picture even though the colour is there. This illustrates how we see things isn't always what is possible. Helping to explain our perception of stress and how changing it can lead to the recovery of chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Secondly, there may be stress and trauma around an accident, fall, or surgery that has happened in the past and the emotion and physical injury became connected. By releasing the negative emotion, it can then allow your body’s self-healing mechanism to activate. I have used this many times in clinic when an injury has been as a result of a fall, accident, road traffic accident etc.

PSYCH-K® is an incredibly powerful modality and the important thing to note is that for some people releasing the emotions that have been holding back their recovery allows the body to regain balance. For others, it can mean you are able to regain strength by getting back to exercising or still needing hands-on treatment the exception being that this time it works.

It may be that you have no idea what it is that is triggering your musculoskeletal pain, but you just know that it is something. That is completely fine, the beauty of the PSYCH-K® Process is that together we can unearth what the subconscious cause is and you can change it.

So if you have tried numerous therapists without achieving lasting relief and would like to discuss PSYCH-K® to find out if it is a Process you would like to explore then please get in touch.

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