Self Sabotage – Why You Do It And How To Stop

Do you know you are getting in your own way?

There may be lots of regular thoughts and self-talk you have each day that don’t support you.

A range of behaviours and reactions you have which you know are stopping you from achieving your goals, but you just can’t help yourself from doing. And all of that leads to frustration and a lack of results.

On a white background you can see the lower legs and feet of someone standing with jeans rolled up wearing old brown converse shoes. Their ankles are shackeled together with a chain attached to a heavy metal ball that has the words Vicious Cycle stamped on it.

For Example:

Are you already working on some or all these things?

Trying to create change. Trying to be better.

If you are and getting frustrated at a lack of results, read on to find out why this is happening to you.

The reason why you self-sabotage

This images shows how the cycle works. It all starts with your beliefs.

Our belief cycle illustrated. In red writing is Beliefs at the top, Thoughts Feelings on the right, Behaviours Actions Reactions at the bottom and Resutls experiences on the left. There is an arrow going between each step creating a circle of the four parts. On the arrow going from beliefs to thoughts and feelings is the word 'generate' from there to behaviours, actions and reactions it says 'create' then from here to results and experiences it says 'shape and finally from here back to beliefs it says confirm. This shows the continuing cycle of how beliefs reinforce themselves b

For example you may fundamentally hold the belief

“ I am not worthy”

That leads you to think unworthy thoughts. I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve success/a loving relationships/to loose weight…, what I do is not as good as what others offer, X is better than me, there’s no point in trying

Those thoughts determine how you act. You put things off, cancel the stuff that would help you reach your goals, say no when you should say yes, procrastinate, priorities others over yourself.

An of course you get the results that prove your belief – I can’t be worthy as I can’t loose this weight, stick to an exercise plan, find a new partner, my business isn’t growing…

Getting out of your own way

If you change that core belief you begin thinking and talking to yourself differently.

You show up each day with a different mindset and attitude. One that puts your dreams and goals at the top of the to-do list.

You act where it’s needed most to get you where you need to be

You make the decisions of someone who is worthy of success and as a result you begin to realise that success and more importantly maintain it.

This can take a long time to work through if you’re not aware that it could be down to a core belief that is creating a whole load more unhelpful beliefs that create unhelpful behaviours.

The power of PSYCH-K® to create change fast.

The beauty of a PSYCH-K® session is you can find out what the core beliefs are for you.

Find out what is causing you to self-sabotage what isn’t supporting you. You can then change it for one that does during a session. Then everything changes.

If you want to find out more, book a clarification call and find out how PSYCH-K® can help you achieve lasting change in your life.

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